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          A Day in the Life of an Artist

Today I…

Went to bed at 2 am

Woke up at 6

Got the hair gunk applied in the right order

This time

Played with a Golden puppy

Curled my hair backwards

Discovered that was a thing

Forgot to buy cookies for the event

Printed a bunch of signs

Found mistakes



Created Facebook posts

Took product photos

Edited same

Suffered rejection

Wrote most of a newsletter

Edited a website

Forgot to make it live

Answered only ½ my email

Posted to social media

more than once

it was Work related

I KNOW, right?!

"Look at me!"

(I hate that)

Booked a few classes

Forgot to eat lunch

Flirted with a baby

Remembered childbirth fondly

Wondered what’s wrong with me

Said a temporary goodbye to some great art

Met a fantastic woman new to the area

Discovered she’s an artist

Loaned out my copy of “Big Magic”

(Creatives should read it!)

Further buried my desk

Started a writer’s group


(Theresa McClellan, Jan, and Elizabeth…What?!!)

Realized I forgot someone’s cello

Upset a 16-year-old

Those 2 things might be related

Walked downtown

Forgot why

Apple Pie Ring from @Harvest Bread Company – mmmmmm


Better than cookies

Thought about the hell of gluten intolerance

Thanked my lucky stars

Remembered the grandma who taught me that phrase

Smelled myself


Couldn’t find the emergency deodorant

Said “Screw it”

Or something slightly more profane

(I’m swimming in couth)

Ate a slice of pizza bread for dinner

Harassed friends via text in my spare time

Found my teenage daughter’s deodorant

Wondered what the hell it was doing in a basket,

Hidden under gem encrusted fingernails

Said “Screw it”

or something similar

Dumped out the fingernails

Used the deodorant

Offered the basket to the cellist

As a collection plate

Added a bow


‘Cuz, duh!

Wheeled two office chairs and a cello to an elevator

Yes, cello arrived

without my help

Enjoyed a visit from one of my favorite teens

Who wasn’t, once

A teen, or a favorite

And her mysteriously quiet boyfriend

Got him to say a few words

He didn’t die

Remembered I’m the one who threw gemmy fingernails in the basket 

Regretted it

not the fingernail throwing

“It” being teen deodorant

It stunk

Worse than original me

Entertained 1 customer

5 if you count the 4

who REALLY liked the apple pie ring thing

Sold nothing

Said “Screw it”

OK, not really but close

Worked on a website

Ate some apple thingy

Explained dichroic glass to 6th graders

Who looked like 4th graders

Listened to them “ooh” and “aah”

like my glass is exotic

expensive gemstones

Sent them home with free exotica

Said “Yes, I’m SERIOUS”

about six times


I love kids

Entertained a few more adults


I don’t always love them

Listened to a gaggle

teens in the hallway

I’m invisible

They’re clueless

Thinking they have privacy

Or are pioneers

In Dot dot dot.

Closed up,


no one noticed

teen spirit smell

or kindly ignored it

Spied apple pie


I forgot to eat real lunch

Said “...” 

Ate another

Abandoned the cellist

Bought vodka

Enjoyed a friend

Said “HELL No”

To a nose ring


I’m old

%#@& it

Went to bed

It was 2


In case you wondered

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09 October, 2020


Yup I understand . . .

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