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Tree of Encouragement

Every dream begins as a glimmer, a thought, or a hope for something bigger than what currently is. The Tree of Encouragement is a tangible reminder that we are loved, and that anything is possible with dedication, hard work, and the support and encouragement of those around us.

Part of the Tree of Enchantment Collection by Kitras Art Glass, the Tree of Encouragement is a clear, blown glass ornament with accents of blue and green. There are strands of glass suspended through the middle of the ornament. This Tree has accents of red, yellow, and shimmery gold that may not be easily visible in the photo.


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Why we carry Kitras Glass

Why WOULDN'T we? It's gorgeous. 

Beyond that, I love beautiful things. Beautiful, handmade things. And if you know me, you know my love of color, and light, and glass.  Working with glass is like nothing else. I wish everyone could try it.

A good glassblower ushers magic through the blowpipe and into each piece. Their work draws you in and moves your spirit in ways you may not understand. Kitras artists do that in everything they make. They orchestrate Magic. They birth Beauty. And their people bring Nice into the World.

We can't always afford one-of-a-kind artist made work. But when we can, that's its own kind of Magic.

Kitras Art Glass embodies what I want to see more of in the world, so I support them any way I can. Simple.

Smiling woman holding a very large blown glass orb featuring rich colors of red, pink, and purple. Strands of formerly molten glass seem to flow through the middle of the ornament.

A few words from the Artists at Kitras Art Glass

"The roots of our company are built around the handmade and all that accompanies it. The quality, the uniqueness and above all, the beauty of a piece made by hand.

When we founded our company , we made a thoughtful decision to design and produce all of our products in North America. We always have and we always will.

We foster the belief that gifts with meaning connect people together. That moments collected build into stories and that those stories create the Everyday Beautiful.

It is our belief that Beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life. And when surrounded by beauty, the spirit is uplifted."

"This is Our Everyday Beautiful."